Need help migrating off Phabricator?

Open Tech Strategies can help you migrate off of Phabricator now that it has reached end-of-life. We developed Forgerie, an open source tool that aids in migration between code forges. Forgerie extracts data from your Phabricator instance and injects it into a GitLab instance. It can also help move repositories to a GitHub account.

Using Forgerie is a process. It requires setting parameters, running the tool, examining the results, tweaking the parameters, and re-running until the result meets your needs. Our team can help you with this process. We can move you to your own GitLab instance, host an instance for you, or get you migrated to or GitHub.

We’d love to help you transition from Phabricator. Drop us a line at info AT and we’ll get you safely to your new home.

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